Achieving Cultural Change to Maximise the Impact of Digital Initiatives
Wed 25th March 2020: TMRW Co-working Space, London


A 1 day event looking at how Local Gov organisations can develop and foster cultural change (from an Analog to a Digital Culture) within Transformation teams and the organisation as a whole, to maximise the Impact & Return on Digital Initiatives.

We will be looking at the characteristics of a Digital Culture and looking at how LAs can replicate/adopt these characteristics and how Local Gov organisations are achieving this.

Characteristics such as:

Being Proactive rather than Reactive
Being Customer Centric
Having a Lean Product Canvas rather than a Detailed Business Plan
Making it acceptable to Fail Fast rather than Risk Adverse
Development of Cross-functional teams rather than Departmental Silos

The day will consist of sessions from confirmed GovSharers:

Paul Brewer, Director for Digital & Resources, Adur & Worthing Councils
Dave Briggs, Head of Digital, London Borough of Croydon

There will also be a number of interactive workshops and crowdsourcing sessions.

Agenda items, timings and other speakers to be confirmed.